As an Ottawa-based architectural practice, we take on projects of any type, and we focus strongly on the human scale. We design for the individual user, and strive to have their involvement and personality be reflected in the end product. We are bringing this approach to all projects: residential, commercial, hospitality, artistic, objects, writing, graffiti, installations, research and furniture. By working at an intimate scale we focus on the intricacies of the design as well as the broad strokes, in order to have an immediate and tangible impact on the quality of each person’s experience. Our goal is to bring rigor and craft back into an exploratory design process, and ultimately to build exciting projects that exceed our clients’ expectations and fulfill us as architects.

We believe that sustainability is a fundamental quality that all projects must embrace; it is a great opportunity rather than a limitation. We believe that creativity can be applied to all things; promoting and nurturing it through the entirety of the design process is essential. We believe that a well-designed and well-crafted object has an immediate and lasting impact on the user; attention to craft augments ones appreciation and experience of the work over time.