Architects post their thoughts about design, sustainability, and running a practice with three partners in Ottawa.



Mark Builds a Home



Mark and his wife Meghan are building a urban-infill Passive House in Ottawa.

They (more Meghan than Mark) have been blogging about the process, and have a good selection of content to check out. They plan to document the process in detail from schedules, to budgets, the design process, and construction, including all of the exciting steps and missteps along the way.

Their Blog will follow the process from the purchase of the lot right up to completion (and I suspect will continue past move-in day) It is a great resource for anyone interested in following the process, or just interested in green building and/or Passive House in general. The site lays out in straight forward terms and language why this is important to them, and outlines the values that they want to embody for themselves and their family.

Did I mention the Meghan is also a kick-ass graphic the site is full of fun animations and Illustrations. It is definitely worth your time to check out.